Vaping vs Smoking

When I was growing up in the 70’s and 80’s, everyone smoked cigarettes. 


Your mum, your dad, your grandparents, builders, sports stars, doctors, lawyers, your dog, your cat and almost every celebrity.

Peel your way through the sticky pages of any old photo album at home and I wager that you will find a grainy, fading polaroid of Uncle Ned or Auntie Tracy with an obligatory fag sticking jauntily out of their mouths. 

In those days, smokers could puff away in cinemas, buses, trains, planes, restaurants, pubs and even hospitals.

But somewhere back in the mists of time, someone worked out that tobacco isn’t very good for you. 

Fast-forward a few decades and the smoking of cigarettes is regarded as a very bad thing, indeed. 

It’s about as popular as crucifixion, Piers Morgan or Alligator wrestling.

Times have certainly changed. 

These days less people are smoking, due to public health campaigns and an innovation called ‘vaping’. 

For over 10 years now, the popularity of vaping or electronic cigarettes has skyrocketed as more folks get their nicotine via flavoured water vapour, rather than inhaling burning tobacco and other toxic chemicals.

And now there’s ‘Disposable Vaping’, where you can dispose of your finished vape just as you would a paper cup, a razor or a James Blunt CD.

Unfortunately, one drawback is that many disposables have issues with longevity. 

That is, after Puff #500, your average 600 Puff Disposable Vape will have lost its promised strawberry flavour and be replaced by lukewarm mud.

No thank you.

Then there’s the flavours.

Many disposable vapes make grandiose promises of flavours that will rival those of Willy Wonka yet in reality are blander than your shoe.

And don’t get me started on issues of piracy. 

Not the ‘Yo Ho Ho’ kind, but scurrilous vagabonds creating poor imitations of vapes that are already poorly designed!

It seems disposable vapes have a few challenges.

However, just like Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, one brand has reinvigorated the industry with a new breed of e-cigarette that makes the previous generation redundant. 

This UK company is making some bold claims that are enough to make any vaper (or clever footfall-seeking retailer) sit up and take notice.

Tech-Bar has got some top-secret technology behind it that makes it the Viagra-Volkswagen of disposable vapes: its reliable and just keeps on going. 

It’s a 600 Puff disposable vape that promises the 600th puff to be as strong as the first.

Not only that, Tech-Bar offers punters 25 full and rich flavours that stay full and rich from the first hit to the last.

Too good to be true?

Well, wait…it gets better. 

Because its cheap to buy and profitable to sell. 

A retailer could sell a Tech-Bar disposable vape for £5.95 and make a decent profit. 

And as for piracy, each Tech-Bar comes with its own individual QR Scan code so a user can immediately scan it with their phone and check if its kosher.

The revolution and evolution of nicotine will continue. 

It’ll be fascinating to watch.

As Bob Dylan once said, ‘The times they are a changing’’ and I daresay that digital photo albums in the 2040’s will be filled with images from the 2020’s of healthy-looking people sucking on a vape.

Vape on!

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