Xerium® Technology

At Tech-Bar® , we believe it’s all about the flavour. We use cutting edge technology and extensive research when developing each of our incredible flavours.

With our unique Xerium® Patented Technology, each Tech-Bar® is guaranteed to provide up to 10x more intense, rich and flavoursome puffs for a truly satisfying vape experience.

We hate that feeling when you’re enjoying your vape or e-cigarette, only for the flavour to prematurely cut out or burn out. Most of the disposable vapes on the market today only offer up to 500 puffs but claim to hit 600 (naughty!).

Xerium® technology ensures that the flavour is consistent from the first to last puff and coupled with our long-lasting Supacell Pure Cobalt batteries, when we say you get 600 real puffs we mean it!

Xerium® achieves 10x better quality puffs & flavour than any other brand.

With Tech-Bar® you literally buy less to get more!

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